Shaun Oldenburger

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  • Avian Sciences Graduate Group Alumni

Major Professor: John Eadie
Home Department: Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology


  • M.S. Avian Sciences - UC Davis 2008
  • B.S. Animal Ecology - Iowa State University 2001

Thesis Title
Breeding Ecology of Mallards in the Central Valley of California

Current position
Associate Wildlife Biologist, Waterfowl Program, California Department of Fish & Game

Research interests
Population dynamics of waterfowl and other birds in North America. Habitat management of wetland habitats. Foraging ecology. Radiotelemetry. Wildlife-habitat relationships.


Harvest of Tule greater white-fronted geese at Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex. In Prep.

Species classification of light geese using retrix lengths in harvest surveys: examining current methodologies. In Prep.

Behavioral responses of spring-staging Aleutian cackling geese to hazing and refuge formation on the North Coast of California. In prep.

Ecology and Management of Mallards in California: A Review. in prep.

Long-term Changes in Survival and Harvest Rates on a Resident Goose Population in Northeastern California: Complexity of Regulation and Conspecific Harvest. In prep.

Demographics of Mallards in the Central Valley of California. In prep.

Breeding Ecology of Mallards in the Agricultural Habitat of the Sacramento Valley of California, USA. In prep.