Ryan P. Bourbour

Ryan Bourbour

Avian Sciences Graduate Group Student


Major Professor: Josh Hull
Home Department: Animal Science


  • M.S. Avian Sciences UC Davis in progress
  • B.S. Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology - 2015 UC Davis

Research interests
I am interested in migration ecology, wildlife ecology and conservation biology, especially regarding birds of prey throughout the Americas.  My current research is aimed at developing a practical method to understand foraging ecology and predator-prey interactions between migrating raptors and their prey.


Kross, S.M., BOURBOUR, R.P., Martinico, B.L.  Agricultural land use, barn owl diets, and vertebrate pest control implications. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. Submitted October 2015.

Phillips, R.A., Bousman, W.G., Rogers, M., BOURBOUR, R., Martinico, B., Mammoser, M. (2014). First successful nesting of Swainson’s hawk in Santa Clara County, California, since the 1800s. Western Birds, 45: 176-182.

Phillips, R.A., Meerman, J., Boomsma, T., Howe, R., Martinez, R., BOURBOUR, R., Martinico, B., Mai, I. (2015, November).  The breeding biology of the hook-billed kite (Chondrohierax uncinatus) in Belize: triple brooding.  Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Raptor Research Foundation, Sacramento, CA.