Karyn O'Hearn

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Avian Sciences Graduate Group Student


Major Professor: Thomas Hahn
Home Department: Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior


  • M.S. Avian Sciences UC Davis in progress
  • B.A. Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz

Research interests
I am interested in the vocalizations of wild birds, especially how those sounds relate to individual and species survival. I want to understand and investigate the ways in which bird sounds relate to the natural soundscape, indicate habitat quality and inform conservation concerns, I am currently exploring two possible projects one of which I will choose for my master's research. Once involves the potential use of avian soundscape data to indicate effects from either immediate events like fire or the effects of longer term processes like climate change on phenological processes. The other will investigate song as it relates to either types, repertoire, or dialect across geographically distinct populations.