University Scholarships and Fellowships

Fellowships and graduate scholarships of various kinds are available to new as well as to continuing graduate students. In general, citizens of the United States and permanent resident aliens are eligible for these awards.

Continuing student fellowship application deadline is December 1st for awards beginning the following Fall quarter.

Incoming student fellowship application deadline is January 15th each year for students entering the following Fall. 

Applications and information are available from Graduate Studies or via the web at

Teaching Assistantships: Teaching assistantships are available through the departments teaching the specified undergraduate courses.  The Animal Science Department has a large number of teaching assistantships during the fall and winter quarters.  However, individual graduate student backgrounds vary and serving as a teaching assistant in courses offered by Biological Sciences will fit some students better.  Individual departments have different application forms and deadlines.  The Animal Science form is available and the priority deadline is March 1.