Information for Current Students

Students should consult with their major professor and assigned Graduate Advisor to discuss any questions regarding their program requirements.  Current Graduate Advisors are:

                            John Eadie:

                            Kirk Klasing:

                            Chris Calvert:

                            Annie King:

Degree Requirements can be accessed on the 'Admissions' page from the links above, or by clicking below for each plan.

MS Plan I                                    MS Plan II

Comprehensive Graduate Group Degree requirements can be downloaded here:

ASGG Degree Requirements (Approved by Graduate Council May 2017)  

Mentoring Coursework Worksheets can be downloaded as Excel documents here:

MS Plan I                                    MS Plan II

The Avian Sciences Graduate Group has adopted the UC Davis Graduate Council's Mentoring Guidelines, which can be downloaded here .

Avian Sciences Graduate Group Bylaws can be downloaded here .

Constitution of examination and thesis committees in Avian Sciences: The student’s assigned graduate advisor in consultation with the student and his/her major professor appoints examination and thesis committees. To the extent possible, committees are constituted so that more than one department is represented.